Max will teach you…

  • How to develop a coaching philosophy that builds trust with your athletes

  • The Pros (and cons) of coaching professional athletes

  • The importance of prioritizing your own training so you don’t lose respect with yourself and your athletes

  • The keys to building a training environment that serves your long term vision

  • The difference between training and competing using our limiter-bridge-performance model

  • Auto-regulating your athletes training

  • How to stick to an athletes big picture plan while being fluid with their training week to week

  • Advanced training concepts in: swimming, speed + plyometrics, strength, energy systems & gymnastics

  • How to coach an athlete through a qualifier

  • How to adjust and scale workouts around injury, travel, and unforeseen circumstances

  • His system for designing programs

  • His perspective on the business side of coaching


Coming soon.

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