Working 1-on-1 with a TTT coach you will get a custom program specifically designed around your goals and needs + regular coaching oversight and feedback.

60 Minute Initial Consultation

Our process begins with an hour long conversation where you and a coach get to know one another.

The discussion will revolve around the following topics: goals, schedule, nutrition/lifestyle, training history, injuries, etc.

Movement Assessments

Your coach will ask you to perform a variety of different movements to evaluate your current joint range of motion, your skill level at different movements, and identify any pain areas.

Strength + Energy System Assessments

Based on your training goals your coach will design a series of tests to establish your baseline level of strength and endurance.

Custom Training Program

Based on the assessments listed above and your initial consultation your coach will build you a training program that fits your unique schedule and needs.

Coach’s Feedback

Your coach will review your training results and provide feedback when applicable.

30-minute Recurring Consultation

You your coach will schedule a recurring consultation to review your recent training, alter your goals if needed, debrief following competitions, etc.