36 Lessons

In over 15 hours of video TTT Coach Max El-Hag teaches you a systematic approach to assessing and programming movement training.


You'll be receiving in the mail a corresponding course workbook that includes: section reviews, sample programs, and additonal references.

Forum Access

The forum gives you direct access to Max and the TTT coaches to help continue your learning, provide clarity, and to promote discussion in the community.

Course Outline

01Course Introduction
02Characteristics of Movement
03Movement Training Tools
04Assessing Movement
05Program Design
06Example Program Days
07Course Conclusion



Who teaches the movement course?
All Training Think Tank courses are a collaboration of the TTT coaches, but this course is taught by Max El-Hag, the founder of TTT.
Who is this course for?
The movement course is primarily created for coaches. Having a better understanding movement allows you to expand your scope of competence. This course should help coaches take more personal responsibility for the movement quality of their clients and athletes. Secondarily, the course can also serve the movement professional or a cerebral athlete, but it was designed to help coaches assess and prescribe movement training.
What topics are covered in this course?
We cover popular topics of the movement world including: pain, tension, fascial theory, injuries, breathing, locomotion, isometric contractions, and stretching.
In addition to the major topics we also layout a variety of movement tools at your disposal, illustrate concepts of assessing movement, and discuss program design.