General Consulting

General consulting is for the coach, athlete, or fitness enthusiast who has questions covering any topic ranging from training, nutrition, supplementation, program design, or trouble shooting specific problems.

Please prepare a detailed list of the topics you'd like to discuss, questions you would like answered, or sample programs you would like to have reviewed.

The coach of your choice will review these materials prior and will be prepared to work through as much of it in the allocated time.

  Due to the nature of discussions, it is not guaranteed that everything will be covered in a one hour period, so the first five minutes of the discussion may be spent organizing the
material by priority.


General Consulting Retainer:
2 hours per month: $275 (5% discount)
4 hours per month: $510 (10% discount)
8 hours per month: $960 (15% discount)

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Remote Assessments

You will meet with a TTT coach to discuss your training goals, history, stats, etc.

From there, the coach will write up a variety of tests composed of relevant strength and conditioning tests, movement assessments, etc that you will perform.

Then the coach will do a follow up consult to explain the results and interpretation in a very comprehensive manner such that you walk away from it knowing your limitations and how to address them.


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Performance Engineering

“If you're close enough to the individual lines of a drawing to know them in detail you cannot be removed enough from the drawing , from the drawing to know what it is as a whole, and vice versa.” - Fritjof Capra

As a coach, or a self coached athlete, knowledge is power. However, when you’re in the trenches day in and day out you’re often too close to see the big picture, and accumulated knowledge can quickly lead to paralysis by analysis.

This is why we created Performance Engineering.

With Performance Engineering you will have a Training Think Tank coach overseeing your, or your athlete’s, program in order to help guide you through the stages of long term athletic development, analyze data trends, troubleshoot issues as they arise, and make executive decisions regarding the direction of the program.

Coaches don’t have time to analyze every detail and interaction in training and as a result it can be difficult to see the big picture and take a holistic approach to the training process by making sure an athlete’s program, nutritional interventions, restoration practices, and lifestyle work synergistically.

With this package you can take the guesswork out of the equation under the watchful eye of a TTT coach who will observe the big picture drawing from a bird eye view while you pain the fine
lines working one on one with the athlete.

Performance Engineering Retainer
2 hours per month: $275
4 hours per month: $510
8 hours per month: $960

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