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What is the TTT Competitor program?

Our competitor program is built to help mentally and physically prepare athletes that want to compete in the sport of CrossFit®.

Whether you are new to competing in the sport or established and wanting to get better, our Competitor’s Program will challenge you to compete at your highest level.

It is designed to make sure you are executing your best and avoiding rookie mistakes when it counts: when the lights are on and you’re putting your fitness out on display for everyone to see during competition day.


Registration NOW CLOSED

Enrollment opens april 1st

If you’d like to get a peek at what the program is like in the meantime check out the free sample week below.


Take a test ride!

Login and take a look around. Get a feel for what the programming will look like, and how it will be delivered. And be notified when registration opens up again in May.




How does the competitor program work?

Every Sunday at 10AM EST your training week will unlock on our Competitor Program membership site. Each week will include all your training sessions for that week + a weekly update video from Max explaining the training week in depth.

Additionally, we’ll be adding content in the form of a blog, video or webinar exclusive to our Competitor Program athletes only.



Who should join the competitor Program?

Our ideal athletes for this program fall into one of these categories:


Coachable, ambitious beginners

You’ve put in the work at the gym, but have yet to put your fitness to the test in competition.

If your goal is to compete in the sport of CrossFit®, this Competitor Program will help prepare you to get your first competition under your belt.


weekend warriors

You’re no stranger to competing. You compete in class, or with your training partners, and you’ve done some local competitions.

The Competitor Program will help make sure that when you show up on competition day, all you have to do is put in the work.


competitors looking to qualify to the next stages of competition

The sport changed this year. Now, there will be many more opportunities to put your fitness to the test to advance to the higher stages of competition. This program will help you navigate this new competitive landscape and make sure your training puts you in the best position to tackle anything these events might throw at you.

who writes the competitor program?

Our Competitors Program is primarily written by TTT Coach and Founder Max El-Hag. In coaching multiple athletes to Regionals and the CrossFit Games, Max has relied on his hand-picked team of coaches to help with various different aspects of the sport and in this program you’ll also benefit from each of these coaches unique knowledge and expertise.

Competitor Program athletes can interact with Max and the TTT Coaches in the comment sections of each workout.


How much does it cost? 

Unfourtunately registration into this program is now closed, but you can still get a free sample week and be notified when we open it back up by clicking below.

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 Registration opens again in April

is this program pre-written?

No. The Training Think Tank Competitor Program is written a week ahead of time using the previous week’s feedback from the actual athletes in the program. This program will also take into account the various online qualifiers and sanctioned events happening during this time.

Why does it only last 16 weeks?

We’re using this first 16-weeks as a test run and proof of concept for us creating and managing an online group training program. If we enjoy this 16-weeks and our athletes give us good feedback we will likely continue this program in some form and fashion into the future.

Can I sign up after the start date?

No. You must be registered for the program by Dec 30th at 8PM EST. In attempt to deliver the best product we don’t want athletes coming into the program at various times in the 16-weeks, which is why we set a hard end date for registration.

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