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New content each week.

Every Friday we’ll post a new video or blog.

Complete Movement Course by Max El-Hag

This course contains over 17 hours of video, sample assessments and sample programs.

Energy System Course

In an effort to stay current and develop the course with our audience we’re filming and releasing new Energy System Course content each month.

Strength Course

Similar to our Energy System Course we’ll be releasing new Strength Course content each month.

Group Q&A

We will poll the members of the Classroom monthly, compile the best questions and film our team answering them in depth.

Select Program Design Review.

We will review program designs by members of the Classroom or TTT coaches to help people better understand how to put theory into practice.

Interaction with Max and the TTT Coaches

Post comments on any content piece or course in the Classroom to interact with Max and the TTT coaches.