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  1. Ian_kaplan says:

    the stuff about crossfit specific positional breathing activity is a great pearl

    1. Kyle Ruth says:

      Thanks Ian!

  2. Ben says:

    What would you suggest doing when it came to breathing for tempo squats like 3 seconds down 3 in the bottom explode up when under heavy load it’s hard to maintaine 1 single breathe.

    And should the breathe pattern always flow with the movement. Like cycling snatchs inhale way down exhale on the way up?

    1. Kyle Ruth says:

      Ben – good questions.

      (1) there will always be a load at which we have to use our breath to brace the spine. In order to work at the limits of your strength this skill must be developed.

      (2) when we’re working tempo squats as you suggested above, we need to chose loads that challenge our ability to brace while still breathing (versus holding breath to brace spine). So my basic suggestion for tempo work would be to build / progress loads until we find the point where you’re teetering between breathing freely and using breath to brace and train there.

      (3) To your second question – I think that in most instances when working below maximal efforts our breathing should in some way match the cadence of the movement — but when we’re working at maximal efforts breathing is going to have to disconnect from the movement patterns. Breathing at high intensities should be “fast and deep” as this optimizes our physiology to perform – if a movement’s cycle speed is too slow to allow for F&D breathing then you’ll need to disconnect the patterns. Using the example of cycling snatches – if you stuck to an in-down / out-up pattern while doing “grace” you would negatively impact the CO2 / O2 balance of the blood and prematurely “blow-up”. I think this is why developing the ability to breathe in movements at low loads and intensities is an important skill as it allows you to find spaces in the movement where you can breathe effectively and then scale this up as the load increases.

      Let me know if you have follow-up questions or alternative ideas here b/c I’m happy to keep exploring the topic!

  3. Ben Winch says:

    This is great, I want to further this too, you guys have been the only source I have found to talk about it! I can’t wait to the point where I can afford the courses to learn more

    Then how do you do suggest breathing for like grace?
    And then how would you suggest breathing for like thrusters then? And also something like 16.2 vs 16.5
    And how would you recommend finding those breathing cadences for circumstances like those?

    I know that’s a lot I have been so interested in this topic for so long and have been constantly trying to stay up to date on your breathing blogs that trainingthinktank posts everything you guys write is questions I have been asking and want to learn to apply in my goals in crossfit with my Pursuits for competitive level.

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